Surface Reconditioning of Laser Marked Parts

Have you ever had incorrectly marked parts or just wanted to change a single number? If so you should consider our reconditioning process.

A typical laser mark is not removable without altering the surface of the original mark area. At Prime, we have been very successful in isolating the unwanted character for removal, and remarking the correct character back in its place depending on the old marking depth and characteristics. This process has limitations for retargeting the same location on where the old mark was. As an alternative choice, we have developed other processing protocols, where we can block the unwanted markings and remark at alternative locations.

The above processes are possible only after a review of the actual device and required alteration. A sample tryout is always a better choice for the customer to see final product. If the above processes are found not to be suitable for the particular device, Prime has the perfect solutions with our BLACKTOPPING or SILVERTOPPING remarking methods (See Remarking).