General Industry

4partcollection04Are you confronted with finding a cost effective way of marking or identifying your products? Do you have a need for markings that require use in extreme heat, abrasive or corrosive environments?

Consider the Prime "Direct Marking" solution.

Aerospace, Industrial and Medical manufacturing sectors all have unique marking requirements for their products. Prime Solutions has several different processes to print or mark your products. We also have different cleaning processes which insure the best possible adhesion of inks.

From aircraft parts to molded plastic devices we can apply the markings or graphics directly to the surface of the product. You may be able to reduce costs by eliminating intermediate media such as labels.

With a broad array of processes and access to the best products to meet your application requirements , we may have a solution for your next marking challenge.

If you have a product that needs to be printed or marked; consider the "Prime Manufacturing Solution".